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Park city is divided into three wards

Park city is divided into three wards, with two aldermen representing each ward. City government consists of six aldermen, a city clerk, a city treasurer, and a mayor. Each are elected to four year terms. Zoning matters are reviewed by a combined Zoning Board of Appeals/Plan Commission.

The city is served by a full-time police department,a parks and recreation department, public works department,and building department. The city maintains a full-time teen center in cooperation with Warren Township, its own park system and bike trails.

The Mayor and Park City have developed a new plan to redevelop Greenleaf Street to serve as the focal point of the city.[16] The first phase of the plan involves the installation of new sidewalks, decorative streetlights, and flowering trees and vegetation along Greenleaf Street. The second phase involves the development and implementation of architectural standards for office building development for properties along Greenleaf Street, to include landscape standards, parking lot light standards, architectural design standards, and decorative sign standards. The third phase involves developing incentives and encouraging development along the Greenleaf Street corridor in compliance with the architectural standards.

The first phase was accomplished, and streetlights and sidewalks were installed, the lights were turned on and the sidewalks were open to the public in a ceremony that took place on November 8, 2012. The second phase was accomplished through the adoption of the Greenleaf Street Overlay Zoning District on May 21, 2009, which provides the development standards for construction on Greenleaf Street, and phase three started with the completed construction of the Lake County Branch Court Complex on Greenleaf Street. Phase three is not yet completed, and there are properties yet to be developed on the corridor.

Park City has an aggressive policy on traffic enforcement, and the police department is one of the top agencies in the issuance of traffic citations, including DUI enforcement.